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3 Cities, 2 weeks, 24 hours of dance classes

We offer 2 different trips to Cuba:

Our main Holiday offer involves traveling around 3 Cuban Cities.
In each of the City we planned especially for you plenty of activities and attractions, so that you can experience authentic Cuba.

We have also prepared for you over 20 hours of
SALSA dance classes during the trip!

Cities you will visit...

​Full of energy Havana, where except the dance classes you will be offered to visit the most vibrant dance club with live music in the most recognisable "Casa de la Musica" and take the trip in a vintage car from the '50s to discover Havana.​

Trinidadknown from its sandy beaches, great food and as well great dancers. In this Paradise we will have the time to relax, dive to see the coral reef but also get to the waterfall on horse back and enjoy the beauty of romantic sunsets!

Santiago de Cuba, the real heart of Cuba, old Capital City, the home town of Salsa, Cuban Revolution and Fidel Castro. Full of talented dancers, teachers and passionate venues, where we will be offered to attent the world famous Tropicana Show, Rumba show at Casa de Caribe, the trip to historical Castillo del Morro in order to explore the best of this beautiful and vibrant City. Santiago is also the base for the biggest and most interesting and worldwide known Festivals, like Fire Festival, June is the month of Conga, and the biggest and attended internationally Carnival of Santiago de Cuba. Cubans themself say that Santiago de Cuba is the cradle for all best and most specific things is Cuba that make this country so special...
Our shorter and a bit more affordable trip only to Santiago de Cuba and surroundings takes 11 days (10nights) and it is specially made for real adventurers and salsa lovers. With dance classes every day and evening parties, shows, performances, excursiones, Afrocuban experience and live music! This Oriental Part of the Island will let you taste the real Cuban culture, relax on the beach and Experience the hospitality of Cuban families. Also attract with the price. We also recommend that trip for first time Cuban Amateurs. This trips involve usually less long distance travel around the Island.

The trip plan varies a bit depending on the date that you choose and the trip that you choose. But every time is exciting, and we promise - you will never get bored with us! 

More info are availabe on your email!!

The detailed trip plan, 'day by day' programme will be delivered to you 2 weeks before the scheduled departure.

Salsa Classes
You can do it!
Almost every morning, you will be offered to join us for cuban dance classes. Starting from so popular Salsa, but also some traditional Cuban Son, Rumba, and also, beloved by young cubans - Reggaeton.

A Cuban Dance Assistant will accompany you during the class, he/she will make sure you learn with fun and in enthusiastic way!

The classes will be adjust to your level as much as possible and designed by one of our Professional Cuban Dance Teachers.

In the evening you will be given the opportunity to practice your newly learned moves with locals at the cuban dance bars.
Very often, our dance partners are also available to join us for the evening parties.

Private Accommodations

Great atmosphere guarantee

We accommodate in private cuban houses in order to really experiance the hospitality and culture of cuban people.
The Cuban houses, that are licensed to guest tourist are called CASA PARTICULAR.
All Casas are in walking distance from the centre of the city that we will be visiting.
Each room has private bathroom and in the morning you will be served authentic cuban breakfast by the owners of the Casa.
There is no need to take a companion with you on our holidays!

Come alone and you will not feel abandoned!

Enjoy dance classes, nights out in the group, meet new people and discover Cuba with us!

Great animation team will be available in Cuba to spend the time with us on the beach or at the parties.
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