My name is Klaudia, and I am director of 

Cuban Fury Dance LTD

Most important, I am a dancer and if you will decide to come with us to Cuba - I will be the person, that you will meet first! I will be your main trip guide, we will spend a lot of time together while going for the dance classes, discovering breath taking places in Cuba and going out in the evenings:)

Me and My Cuban Fury Dance team know our way around Cuban cities, We want to show you  the real culture of this beautiful Country, and give more opportunities to very talented cuban dance teachers and dancers to teach and share with their knowledge.

Now, we are spreading the Word around England, to encourage people living in UK to travel to Cuba to discover the beauty of that place, instead of being in all inclusive hotel for 2 weeks for comparable price!

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  1. Cuban Fury Dance Team on Fire!
    A Boat Trip in Santiago De Cuba Bay. Enjoy the sunset with Cuban music and dance:)
  2. Rumba Dance By Cuban Fury Dance Team
    Every Sunday in Santiago de Cuba is a Rumba Day
  3. A bit of Son
    A traditional Pre-salsa cuban dance commonly danced in Cuba, especially in Santiago de Cuba